Weather watch…


After some very wet weather in Kenya they are now experiencing searing heat which is causing prices rises on fine beans and shortages on passion fruit. Rest assured Zenith is working hard with the best growers to keep the quality to it’s highest standard.

The Time is Now…


European Butternut Squash has served us well over the last few months – In particular the offerings from Portugal have been superb! Alas, all good things must come to an end and we feel it’s time to make the shift to Butternut from a bit further afield. We have an excellent range of sizes in the “Monty” branded Honduran Squash which is quite simply – Excellent!

It’s Lime Time…


It’s only another cracking arrival from our friend in Brazil “Jose Luiz”!

Superb colour and moving fast!!

Be prepared…


Will the wife be content with some flowers from the petrol station on the way home from work – or does she deserve a romantic night out!! Passion fruit will be a certainty on the menus and with fantastic samples from Kenya, Zimbabwe and Colombia on offer here at Zenith – you needn’t look anywhere else! 

As one door closes…


After an extremely successful season with Mange tout & Sugar snaps from Zimbabwe we were really pleased the guys at Afruita offered us this superb Passion fruit. It’s not just for valentines day you know!

Let Zenith calm the storm…


As the effects of “El Nino” take it’s toll on the asparagus crops in Peru, it is expected to be a difficult year for the crop. We will be introducing our new brand “Freska” with sizes 20x250g & 11x454g departing early next week.


Worth a mention…


Round Shallots & Banana Shallots have had a smooth transition from the old crop and into the new. There’s no better time to get involved with these little French beauties!

Kenya believe it…


Well at long last it would appear that the weather in Kenya has finally improved which is good news for the humble fine bean.

With fresh arrivals daily we are very pleased to offer some fantastic quality produce.

Worth a mention…


Physalis – Definitely one of the rising stars here at Zenith International. Our partners in Colombia do a fantastic job and with fresh arrivals all the time we can see why it’s started to get a huge following! It’s the first entrant in my new section “Worth a mention” where we can showcase the new developments at Zenith HQ